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The music streaming service, Spotify now supports podcasts on their platform,  While entering this new market, one of Spotify's main priorities is providing podcast creators concise and appealing animated explainers to help them get on Spotify's platform.

Andy was able to help ROVE Labs create these videos for Spotify in a timely manner.

Responsibilities included:

- Converting and prepping illustrations and other assets into the animation software

- Rigging, layering, labeling, and matting scenes in order to maintain a steady workflow for the entire animation team.

- Animating props and other "non-living" assets within scenes as needed.

Podcasters now have a series of beautifully animated videos they can reference and get the most out of Spotify's podcast platform.

The Input

Produced + Directed by ROVE
Designer: Philip Nordstrom
Junior Animator: Andy Barbo
Animators: Simon Trotz + Jared Flynn
Character Rigging + Animator: Tom Wilusz
Lead Animator: Cory Anderson
Sound Mix & Design: Red Vault Audio

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